✌️🙂🔥 welcome to my website!!!!!! 🔥🙂✌️ 你好!! i'm tina, a current senior at uc broccoli. i study netflix by day and computer science by night. my favorite restaurant is din tai fung. idk why i mentioned that but i thought u should know.

some more fun fax: i will be joining lyft in new york as a software engineer after graduation. previously, i was on product development teams at palantir, airbnb, and the climate corporation. i was a kleiner perkins engineering fellow in 2016 and a berkeley grace hopper scholar in 2017. i was also head TA for cs 70 (discrete mathematics and probability theory) and head reader for cs 170 (efficient algorithms and intractable problems). before berkeley, i was a research intern at harvard medical school and keck school of medicine at usc. i guess u can find all this info on linkedin but w/e.


~ viva la vida, mis chicas ~

my fave books:

why we sleep by matthew walker
you'll grow out of it by jessie klein
sapiens by yuval noah harari
the harry potter series by j. k. rowling
the great gatsby by f. scott fitzgerald
kafka on the shore by haruki murakami
the giving tree by shel silverstein
james and the giant peach by roald dahl